How to rent a car at the airport

You arrived at the airport in Belgrade and would like to rent a quality, fast and safe car that will take you to the desired destinations around the city? Rent a Car Box is the right choice for you. You can pick up your desired car in two main locations – rent a car at the airport and rent a car in Novi Beograd. It is logical that if you are planning to arrive at the airport, choose option number one, but you never know when another person may need you. Accordingly, what is the process of ordering a vehicle at the airport? How to best organize your time? Read this blog.

Transportation from the airport – Challenges

Before you start thinking about using this service, let’s look at what challenges you can come up with when you visit Belgrade:

Problems with the GSP – Although public transport is the main mode of transportation for a large number of people in Belgrade, it is by no means an ideal option. During the summer, despite air conditioned vehicles, the heat is often unbearable. Too many nervous people and a lack of fresh air will definitely ruin every wish for a trip.
Transportation from the airport – If you have just landed at the airport, you expect a fast and safe transport to the center. However, public transport from the airport to the center is not too reliable, nor is it so common. On the other hand, taxi cars are expensive and therefore do not pay off using them. That’s why rent a car at the airport is the best idea.
Friend help – Of course, you can invite a friend to pick you up, but it just creates a new set of problems. Why would you burden people and jeopardize your friendship when you can go without it?

Rent a car at the airport – Advantages
The solution to all these problems is rent a car service. Simply order the desired car, you wait for rent a car at the airport and that’s it. Here are a few more reasons why rent a car is the best option for you:

Savings – At first glance, renting a car is just an unnecessary expense, but it helps you to save on a longer run. Buying a car is impractical if you live in a big city, and taxi services cost too much. When you want to go somewhere, order a rent a car, and you do not think about it anymore.
Rent a car at the airport – As the car rentals are booked in advance, you can always be sure that the desired vehicle will wait for you when you need to leave the aircraft. You do not have to worry about finding a car.
Vehicle Maintenance – When you hire a car rental, you do not have to think about car maintenance and depreciation. As soon as you get a car, you know that he has passed all the technical checks and is in perfect condition.
Large selection of vehicles – Most companies such as Rent a Car Box, offer a greater choice of vehicles to their customers, so that you can drive something new every time and adjust your car to your needs.

How to order a rent a car at the airport in Belgrade?

To make sure that your car will wait at the airport as soon as you land, it is necessary to book the vehicle in advance. You need to meet the terms and conditions of a car rental company and take the above documents. Rent a Car Box requires you to be 21 years old and at least one year of driving experience. In addition, you must bring a credit card, driver’s license, as well as an ID card or passport. Reservations can be changed to 48 before the start of the rental. Simply call the company and let them know when you want your car waiting.

Basic rules for using car rentals

As soon as you download the car, you also take responsibility for it. This includes a couple of things:

You will not drive the car off-road, because there are great chances of damage. In this case, the insurance ceases to be valid and you bear all the costs yourself.
You need to make up for the fuel you consume.
You pay for all traffic fines, logically, yourself. It is important to emphasize that car rentals are counted in official vehicles, so violations are ten times more expensive.
If you want a vehicle to be used by another driver, you must also mention it in the contract.
What to visit in Belgrade?
If you have already decided to rent a vehicle for your visit to Belgrade, you need to know the locations that you need to visit in this city.

Avala Tower – One of the most characteristic buildings near Belgrade is certainly Avala Tower. This tower, which is over 200 meters, was originally built in 1956 but was destroyed in 1999 when it was bombed. The renovated tower was put into operation in 2010.
Ada Ciganlija – Ada Ciganlija is the most famous Belgrade beach, and many people call it the Belgrade sea. About 300,000 people visit this peninsula on weekends so that they all roam in life.
Beli dvor – The famous Serbian architect Aleksandar Djordjevic was designed in 1936 by Beli Dvor, one of our most important buildings, which after all these years looks like a breath.
Rent a car Box
If you want the best and cheapest rent a car at the airport, we have an exceptional recommendation for you – Rent a car Box. Call us immediately and order a perfect vehicle for you at an exceptional price. Travel quickly, safely and with style.

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