Rent a car Belgrade airport

Nowadays travel by plane has become the fastest and even the safest way to travel. Since airports are usually located on the outskirts of the city, it is precisely because of this distance travelers have to somehow secure themselves to the city, whether it’s a taxi, a city shuttle or rent a car agen. Rent a car agency has become one of the most popular and most practical options in this situation in relation to city transport and taxi transportation.

You can make reservations in our rent a car agency in just a few steps. All you have to do is fill out the form on our site. Of course you need a driver’s license and you determine the date of arrival and return of the vehicle.


Rent a car Belgrade airport is a service for renting a vehicle or transfer to and from the airport Nikola Tesla. We offer the best prices for renting city cars affordable for every budget. If you arrive by plane to Nikola Tesla Airport Belgrade and you need a car, we are the right place for you. Call us and rent your car at Rent a Car Box Agency. We are there for you whenever you need. Call us and see for yourself!

Rent a car Box can also offer you a rental service with a professional driver and transfer car hire Belgrade to Nikola Tesla Airport or from airport to Belgrade or other destinations. Choice of rent a car vehicle agency very simple! It’s just enough to call tel. +381 (61) 67 075 67 +381 (65) 40 07 005 or contact us via website!