Citroen C3 1.2

Start from 20.00€ / per day
Cute looks and attractive interior, the small C3 is a real car rental car that has every chance of enjoying you at first glance.
2015 Gas Manual 25000 Rent It

Peugeot 308 1.6 HDi

Start from 30.00€ / per day
Peugeot 308's design is a modern and original, but also moderate rental car car. Attractive, sporty lines and very attractive for rent.
2015 Diesel Manual 25000 Rent It

Kalos 1.2

Start from 12.00€ / per day
With enough space to seat up to 5 passengers, Kalos is an excellent rental car choice for families or fewer groups of tourists who want to rent an economical car.
2007 Gas Manual 25000 Rent It

Opel Vivaro 2.0 cdti – 3.5 t

Start from 30.00€ / per day
Freight van, up to 3.5t capacity. Comfortable, small consumer, excellent for the transport of goods.
2009 Diesel Manual 52692 Rent It

Mercedes E class 200 cdi (2014)

Start from 40.00€ / per day
Rent a car Box gives you the opportunity to rent this unique and attractive car and enjoy its beauty, comfort and performance!
2014 Diesel Auo 52963 Rent It