Are you wondering if you should rent a car in Belgrade? We can give you couple of good reasons for it.

Do you want to go unhindered in one of the most popular cities in Serbia and the Balkans or do you go on a trip to the country? Rent a car Belgrade and agency Box is here to help you choose your car and all other car rental needs.

Rent a Car Belgrade – Easy car hire

With the very popular location of our rent a car agency located in the center of Belgrade, as well as at Nikola Tesla Airport in Surcin, renting a car is easy. Rent a car that best suits your needs using our online booking form or call us directly at   +381 61 67 075 67.

Renting a car has never been as easy as with Rent a Car Box agency, and with us you can enjoy the various advantages of renting a car.

Car for any of your needs

A great selection of newer vehicles offered by rent a car Belgrade agency Box, adapted for all types of trips from city to international. Rent a Car Box offers you a wide range of cars to give you the best experience when renting a car. With the regular updating of our fleet, rent a car Belgrade is always offering the latest models on the market.

The best rental rates for vehicles

Rent a car Belgrade provides rental rates for vehicles that are tailor-made for each budget, with a guarantee that you will get exactly the one you booked.

Transparent rental contract

Our goal is to offer a more transparent contract, without professional jargon and with clear prices of vehicles.

Get the vehicle from two locations

Rent a car Belgrade offers you the possibility to take a car from our agency located in Novi Beograd, or at the airport Nikola Tesla.

Find your ideal rent a car vehicle

You are in a lot of hury, the job is waiting for you, you have to run from location to location, and Belgrade is on fire. That’s why Belgrade rent a car is the right choice. You can rent a car right after landing in Belgrade and start a business meeting or a trip.

Take a look at our offer of rent a car vehicles. You will find out that in addition to excellent locations of car rental in the capital of Serbia, we also offer you great prices. Where would you like to rent your rental car and start a trip? In a city like Belgrade, it’s important that car rental locations are well located so you can quickly find us and be immediately connected to the main roads leading to and from Belgrade.

When you book your car, come to take it at one of our rental locations located in Novi Beograd and Nikola Tesla Airport. This way you can easily reach the main streets of the capital comfortably and with style. Do you want a small, economical car that is easy to park in a city? A bigger passenger car or a luxury car for longer trips? Rent a car Belgrade has what you are looking for. We can rightly say that Belgrade is a big city, and it is important that you can easily find one of our car rental locations in Belgrade. Use online booking form to start your trip.

Explore the rich culture and history of Belgrade in your rent a car vehicle

The capital of Serbia has much to offer. Rent a car Belgrade offers you small vehicles that you can easily park downtown, and thus explore numerous attractions such as museums, historical sites, shopping centers and a large number of restaurants. For those who love nightlife, Belgrade is famous for its large number of clubs and discotheques. You can easily translate from one place to the other with the help of rent a car vehicle (make sure that the sentences are rigorous if you are under the influence of alcohol).

rent a car Beograd

Museums and historical sites

Belgrade is sometimes described as a cultural center of the Balkans. Numerous interesting stories and important historical events are happened in Belgrade. Many visitors look to find out more and explore the city. Rent a car Belgrade allows you to visit all historical and cultural sights in the capital of Serbia by vehicles of recent production. Belgrade is a city hundreds of years old. It has survived many wars and has survived many conquerors during its existence. All of those historical events left some mark. Visit Kalemegdan, Skadarlija, St. Sava Temple, Zoo, Military Museum

Shopping malls

Do not miss the opportunity to take a visit to Belgrade shopping malls. They are located in several locations so if you like shopping, rent a car is an ideal way to get to them.

The Delta City Mall in Belgrade has been named the best shopping center in Europe, so you no doubt deserve to visit it. The total area of the shopping center is 87,000 square meters, and there is a large parking lot in that area, as well as 130 shops arranged on three floors.

Usce shopping center with a total area of 130,000 square meters, of which the shopping center is 50,000 square meters, is the largest a shopping mall in the region. This shopping center is one of the few shopping centers in the world that owns the LEED EBOM certificate, which means it is a shopping center that focuses great attention on environmental protection as well as the quality of its services.

Belgrade Nightlife

It is known that the capital of Serbia is alive during the day, however, it is even more lively at night. Nightlife has definitely “celebrated” Belgrade in recent years and probably leaves the strongest impression on those who are in the capital of Serbia for the first time. Many say they feel comfortable in Belgrade, primarily because of the positive spirit of the citizens of Belgrade and the unique atmosphere that many feel like they are at home, among their friends. In Belgrade, the departure starts spontaneously, without much planning, and at any time of the night because, given the obligations that are waiting for you the next day, the outcome is something that should not be missed.

Rent a car Belgrade is necessary to visit all places

Belgrade is big and to visit a couple of clubs you need transportation. Taxi is expensive so rent a car Belgrade is the best choice. In Belgrade, the working hours of the cafes are up to 1 or 2 am. Those who are in the vicinity of residential buildings are limited until midnight. Closed clubs work until 4-5 in the morning. People go out every day, and the best time does not depend on the day of the week, but from the company and events at that moment.

Anyone can find the kind of entertainment that suits them. Rent a car Belgrade recommends clubs on the river that have different kinds of music.

Driving a car in Belgrade

There are a couple of important things you should know when renting a car in Belgrade. Firstly, with our rent a car your driving experience in Belgrade will be comfortable and positive, but you should know that there is always a lot of traffic. Large boulevards are full of cars and motorcyclists, with over half a million vehicles passing through Belgrade every day. If you want to avoid the city center, you can pass through the Gazela bridge so that you turn off to some of the exclusions that lead to certain city neighborhoods. The center of Belgrade has a high congestion density due to extensive traffic, as well as a speed limit of 40 km / h.

Parking zone in Belgrade

Belgrade car hire locations are not located in the city center so you do not enter the congestion zone. Traffic: rush hour is generated from 7 to 9 am before noon and from 16 to 19 afternoon. Keep in mind that parking spots are paid by zones and the fines are rigorous. Here you can see parking areas in Belgrade.

Rent a car and touring the surrounding area

If you like to go for a day somewhere outside the center of Belgrade, why don’t you come to our rent a car Belgrade agency and with our vehicles visit one of the many nearby destinations? Near Belgrade there are nice places to visit if you have a car.

Ethno village Moravski konaci is located in Velika Plana, just 90 kilometers from Belgrade, at the very exit from Velika Plana, on the main road to Pozarevac. Ethno village is made as a representative place for rest, recreation and relaxation from everyday work and stress.

For more than an hour from Belgrade near Despotovac, the village Lisine is one of the most beautiful places for a weekend in Serbia. When renting an rent a car Belgrade car, you should take the highway to Nis, turn off at the turn for Despotovac, Svilanjac and go to Resavska cave. From this intersection, the village of Lisine is five kilometers away.

Nautical village or the so-called “Pearl of the Sava”, as they call it, is the first nautical village in Serbia, and it is located in Boljevci near Belgrade. The complex of 16 cottages on the water and the marina further reflects this place. Ideal for a vacation, recreation and fishing. In the row of houses there is a restaurant of local cuisine with a large selection of river fish. All day and night with a breakfast in a cottage on the river costs 2,500 dinars.

Driving rules in Belgrade and Serbia

  • Mobile phones can only be used with headphones or hands-free devices.
  • You should not use a yellow line that is only for buses and cabs.
  • Use the fastest lane on the freeways only if you are experiencing other vehicles.
  • The limit on the highway is 130km/h.
  • Speed limits apply to rented car and in urban areas are usually 40km/h.
  • The driver and all passengers are obliged to wear a belt.
  •  Under the age of 12 years or less than 135 cm, they must be seated in the appropriate child seat.
  • Please note that the parent / guardian is responsible for the child.  We advise you to rent a child seat because of the law and the safety of your child.

Information on road rules in Serbia is written only in general guidelines. We try to constantly update the information, but always check on the official website what law is in force. Click here for more information on the Traffic Safety Act.